Client Testimonials

Feedback is incredibly important to us at BBT – we pride ourselves on delivering a stellar service to our clients and it is important to us that they tell us not just what we are doing right, but where we can improve in the future.

Client Testimonials

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Andy Bissell

Financial Planner

“We are more than satisfied with the service that we receive from Andy. He has helped us explore our options and devise an investment strategy so that we feel confident in planning for retirement. He is quick to respond to our queries and offers a very professional service.”

Mr M. and Mrs J. Keenan

Alex Pickles

Financial Planner

“I am sincerely grateful for the professional manner in which Alex has dealt with my financial situation throughout and following my retirement process. He has always been sincere, honest and extremely personable in all our dealings and any query I have presented him with has been dealt with in a positive and understanding manner. During such a significant life-change, it has been extremely reassuring to know that his expert advice was readily available.”

Mr J. MacLennan

Alex Smith

Financial Planner

“Alex explains things very clearly and concisely. He is good at breaking down difficult concepts in readily understandable language.”

Mr M. and Mrs E. Duggan

Chris Taylor

Financial Planner

"I had heard several stories from friends and colleagues of pushy IFAs who spouted jargon at high speed, their overriding purpose being that to sell expensive products, whether or not they were in the best interest of that particular client. I have found Chris over the last ten years to be the exact opposite. Not only does he always have excellent current knowledge of financial investments and likely future developments, but also he puts it across very carefully, at a suitable pace, and in language which is easily understood. He inspired me to take a keen interest in our assembling a bespoke portfolio, and he has advised me with patience, approachability throughout the year between our face to face appointments, and understanding of my personal situation, ever since."

Mr R. Williams

Carl Reitel

Financial Planner

“We are so pleased with the work that Carl has done for us and he is always ready to lend a hand when we have a query; usually because we don’t understand something! Looking forward to his help in the future as we progress to retirement . ”

Mr P. and Mrs F. Dray

David Cabrera

Financial Planner

“David has always shown a genuine interest in and understanding of not merely our attitude to risk but also our personal circumstances, outlook and future plans.”

Mr E. and Mrs S. Konig

Gary McKenzie

Financial Planner

“I am able to trust Gary’s advice 100%. He was particularly helpful when my husband died, guiding me through the probate process and being incredibly supportive. Gary is professional at all times, but also takes the time to get know personal circumstances and family matters.”

Mrs M. Mills

Jamie Windle

Financial Planner

“Having held investments with BBT for some six years now, Jamie’s clarity of explanation, knowledge of the financial section and honesty has given us both the confidence and security we had been looking for. We’ve recommended Jamie to our daughter - that’s how trusting we are of him and BBT."

Mr A. and Mrs D. Spilman

Richard Pearson-Wood

Financial Planner

“The dedicated professionalism, expertise and patience that Richard has always afforded us over the last nine years has provided us with reassurance and confidence in managing the complexities of our finances in retirement. His calm, empathetic, rigorous, good natured approach and his efficient communications are always very much appreciated.”

Alan and Thirza - Arundel

Roy Ritchie

Financial Planner

“Roy has provided us with clear, concise and thoroughly researched financial guidance and recommendations, delivered in a professional and easy to understand manner. The intricacies of financial planning can appear impenetrable, but Roy’s friendly approach and his dry sense of humour make the process much less daunting.”

Mr I. Jone and Mrs. A NorthcoF

Salman Khan

Financial Planner

“Salman has been very pleasant and helpful, guiding us through the intricacies of some of the products. He has made excellent suggestions regarding our savings and future life provision. He is very approachable, pleasant and helpful. We have every confidence in his advice, since he has shown himself to be extremely knowledgeable about the products.”

Mr S. and Mrs J. Smith

Steve Woodhead

Financial Planner

“Steve is a most sociable, knowledgeable and approachable IFA. He is consistent in his approach and gives the best advice on all financial matters. I have recommended Steve to many of my friends and colleagues - all speak highly of his professionalism, friendliness and his ability to act with foresight for the best interests of his clients.”

Mr J. W. Leake

Tobias Doyle

Financial Planner

“Tobias has taken the time to understand our outlook with regard to finance but, perhaps more importantly, our general life goals. We feel we can shape what we want without undue pressure to take a particular action.”

Mr B and Mrs J. Gibson

Will Hodgson

Financial Planner

“Will has provided me and my wife with a most friendly and professional service. His thoroughness and ability to explain things clearly has taken the stress out of financial decision-making. His service has been exceptional and we now regard him as a friend as much as our financial adviser. ”

Mr C. Humphries