Welcome to BBT
Established in 1998, BBT Group Ltd was formed by like-minded professionals with decades of industry experience. Our aim was straightforward; to create an organisation which could deliver a high-quality, bespoke financial planning service.
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Building a Financial Plan
We pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with a holistic financial plan. This means that we take into account all aspects of your circumstances, not just what you have in the bank. Click the links below to read more about the various aspects of a robust financial plan.
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People invest their money for many different reasons, but one of the most common is to try to beat the returns that they can receive from a bank or savings account.
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A pension is a product designed to provide you with an income in retirement. There are age restrictions on when you can access money held in a pension (usually not until you are at least 55), but there are also plenty of tax incentives from the government to encourage you to save your money in one.
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BBT Group enlists the help of independent, carefully selected third party specialists to provide mortgage advice for all our clients, including first-time buyers, those looking to re-mortgage, home movers and experienced buy-to-let landlords.
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Protection policies are insurance contracts designed to do exactly what they say on the tin – protect you and your loved one from the unexpected.
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Estate Planning
Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, and Trust Planning are all important factors to consider when making sure that your wealth is passed on in the way that you would like.
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Welcome to BBT Group

BBT Group is a national firm of Independent Financial Planners, meaning that we are not tied to any one provider or investment. Established in 1998, our aim has always been simple – to provide our clients with straightforward solutions to complex problems.

Our team of 60+ professionals is dedicated to meeting the needs of over 6,000 clients with over £1billion under management, and we work to ensure that every single client receives the same level of service. This is why we wear our Chartered badge with pride – it is our public commitment to professionalism and evidence of our high standards with regard to qualifications, ethics, business practices, and professional development.

We understand that making financial decisions can be stressful and can have significant and life-changing consequences, which is why we treat every client as an individual, and provide bespoke solutions designed to meet their individual needs and goals.

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We take great pride in the service we provide to our clients, which is why we are always delighted when they take the time to provide feedback. Click below to read some of our client testimonials.

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Interested in finding out how we can help you achieve your financial goals? We offer all initial consultations at our own expense so that you can feel comfortable about taking that first step. Click below to get in touch.

Building a Financial Plan

We believe that every client deserves a holistic, bespoke financial plan, designed to protect their overall financial wellbeing. Learn more about how we design your financial plan by clicking below.

Meet The Team

Our team is full of dedicated, passionate individuals and is always growing. Find out more about our team and how we work (as well as any current opportunities to join BBT) by clicking below.

Stress Testing Your Retirement –
How to Secure Your Future
Financial Planner Tobias Doyle explains the place life insurance should have in your retirement plans.
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Long Term Care – How Can You Plan Ahead?
Financial Planner Carl Reitel explains how long-term care funding works in the UK and whether you would be eligible.
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Equity Release and the Next Generation
Financial Planner Gary McKenzie explains how Equity Release can play a role in legacy planning.
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Treating Customers Fairly

We take pride in working within a regulated environment which prioritises the interests of consumers.

BBT Group Ltd is directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). To help us ensure that we understand our regulatory obligations we subscribe to the services of threesixty. Established in 2003, threesixty provide support services to over 900 adviser and discretionary fund management firms and 9,000 advisers. More information about threesixty can be found here.

BBT Group Ltd has satisfied the rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and ethical good practice. Therefore, you can be confident that you are dealing with one of the UK’s leading firms that is wholly committed to providing you with the best possible advice, service and support.

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